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TASKE, an intelligent call reporting solution for contact centers, lets you view call activity in real-time, generate call activity reports, and view a customer’s call experience from start to finish.  With TASKE you have the tools to gain insight into your organization’s call service levels, ensuring that your customers receive timely information and professional assistance from your contact center.  Your contact center is an important part of your business. In many cases, customers’ impressions of your business are formed solely based on their interaction with your agents.  As a total solution provider, TASKE is committed to providing contact center and other business managers with the information they need to enable them to optimize customer interactions, drive operational efficiency, facilitate innovation and curb customer frustration.

As the saying goes ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’.  This is as true in telecoms as any other area of your business.  The ability to analyze incoming and outgoing calls though the use of customization reports will provide your company with invaluable information.  When sales in a certain area fall, your call reports will show you how many calls from this area you have had and you can amend your marketing accordingly.  Following a marketing campaign in a specific area it would be great to be able to measure sales against response.  All this is only possible through effective monitoring and measurement of call traffic.  Call logging can also be used internally to check on the number of calls an individual is making and where they are making those calls.  For hotels and guest houses as well as companies who have more than one company operating from the phone system, call logging can produce individual bills, saving time and money.  Call recording can also be a critical component within your organization.  It is a powerful, useful, and an integral tool for many businesses when it comes to improving customer service, providing proof of calls, and meeting legal requirements.  Increased liability in today’s business world means that it is important to keep meticulous records and to make sure that employees are held accountable.  Call recording can also be a way to effectively train and supervise new employees and generate sales leads.

Intelligent Call Reporting Solutions

Intelligent Call Reporting Solutions


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