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Access Control

We're Revolutionizing Access Control with One Simple Solution

Founded in 1999, ISONAS is the first access control company to design and manufacture a cutting-edge, IP-to-the-door solution that eliminates needless complexity—including inconvenient control panels, separate power supply, and dedicated hard-wiring.  Network-based PowerNet™ reader-controllers offer a patented technology that easily integrates with Windows-based software to deliver more simplicity, greater value, and total flexibility to go places you never thought possible.  With 50,000+ readers already installed worldwide across a range of commercial and private organizations, ISONAS provides a proven solution that is revolutionizing the industry. ISONAS is a privately held company based in Boulder, Colorado.

Much as the video surveillance industry changed from proprietary single source providers to one dominated by strong VMS manufacturers and camera manufacturers; the access control space will continue to change rapidly.  Businesses and end users more than ever will be able to choose ISONAS hardware products and choose the best software platform for their project, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.  They will gain a new freedom from not being trapped in a proprietary system and will be able to operate a complete integrated access control system with best of breed VMS system.  The market research is all showing that IP access control is gaining significant strength and growing at rates that we experienced in the IP surveillance world for the last 8 -10 years.

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Security Systems

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The new Pure IP™ hardware family from ISONAS offers a suite of products that allow you to customize your access control solution. Our Reader -Controller continues to take advantage of our patented technology and remains an all in one intelligent device; eliminating the need for a panel and allowing you to take advantage of your existing network. Check out some of the latest features of the RC-04:  Mullion, wall mount and wall mount keypad form factors allow for US and EU compatible mounting options.  Reader-Controllers are available in two models: Multi-card technology (125kHZ and 13.56 MHZ) or a proximity-only version (125kHz).  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLUE) capability allows for electronic credentials through a smart phone.

ISONAS Pure IP Access Control
IP-Bridge 2.0

USB enrollment reader simplifies card enrollment.

Local mode feature allows readers to function without a connection to the network. This results in faster user response times, less network traffic and reduced host system loading.

Tamper detection via accelerometer senses any type of altering and prevents a security breach with the reader.  Secure data transmissions with AES 256 bit encryption.  Metal back plate provides additional security, a simple two piece installation and consistent read range.

Pure IP Wiegand Reader-Keypad

ISONAS has been at the forefront in IP access at-the-door solutions for a while, which makes sense when you have a greenfield or no access control in an existing structure.  But what about dealing with legacy access control?  Not so easy until now.  The PowerNet IP Bridge allows clients to essentially unplug older panels, utilize existing readers and card populations and migrate to a single platform.  This eliminates both the older panels and their backbone wiring as you shift to true IP network backbones.  Being able to cost effectively leverage existing door hardware wiring and credential investments will help your customers “sell” improved security operations to their stingy management team.  The ability to logically and practically convert door-by-door upgrades is suddenly not an overwhelming task with two- and three-door IP Bridge configurations, so the customer pays for what they need and not overcapacity.  The product supports both PoE and PoE+ requirements at the door.  The best part is the customer really has an “open” IP access platform for future growth.

— Boucherle